This is a question we get asked a lot.

The short answer:

“No. It is best to build SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) from new.”

Read on to find out why …

Firstly, only a registered SDA Provider can claim SDA payments from the NDIS. SDA Smart Homes (NDIS Registered Provider #4050071176) collects and disperses tenant SDA payments on behalf of our investors.

Secondly, you can not claim SDA payments for a dwelling unless it is enrolled with the NDIS. To be enrolled, a dwelling must comply to strict design standards. The complete SDA Design Standard can be found here:

Most existing dwellings do not comply to these strict standards and it is advisable that SDA be built from new to ensure the build meets strict requirements such as wide doorway & corridor width, step-free thresholds, and hobless showers with wheelchair circulation space. To give you a general idea , following are just a few examples of required standards (found in full, in the provided link):

  • A step-free doorway threshold shall be provided to external doorways with a minimum clear opening width of 950mm
  • All internal doorways shall have a level (step-free) transition and threshold
  • Doorways shall have door handles installed at between 900mm to 1100mm above the FFL.
  • All internal corridors and passageways shall provide a minimum clear width of 1200mm when measured from skirting to skirting.
  • Power and control cabling to windows of bedrooms and living areas shall be provided for future window blind automation.
  • Showers shall be provided in a corner of the room with a hobless shower recess. Size shall be a minimum of 1160mm x 1100mm and provided with one of the two circulation spaces for shower as required by AS1428.1

Unless you are prepared to undertake extensive structural renovations, it is best to build SDA new – either on a vacant block of land or as a knockdown / re-build of existing house and land. If you own land and would like to invest in SDA, our Land Acquisitions Manager can provide a FREE, no obligation appraisal to determine whether your land is NDIS compliant and suitable for an SDA dwelling.

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