Are you considering building an SDA dwelling on your own land?

Did you know that not just the dwelling, but also the land, must meet strict NDIS compliance?

Please contact us for a FREE, no obligation appraisal of your land. Our Land Acquisitions manager can help determine whether your land is NDIS compliant and suitable for an SDA dwelling.

Following are some general guidelines for land requirements:

The NDIS SDA Design Standards are intended to improve the lives of participants by assisting them to live in their own home that meets their individual needs and is situated in communities that facilitate social connections and a sense of belonging.

It is recommended that SDA dwellings be located on suitable parcels of land that provide an accessible dwelling with wheelchair accessible/ usable outdoor areas without excessive use of ramping, lifts or the like. All private open space or majority of the common open space (where provided) should be wheelchair accessible.

Some general guidelines:

  • Site slope less than 7 degrees (1:14) from front boundary to front door.
  • Within 1km of public transport
  • On a street without any substantial slope/hills?
  • Minimum 500m2
  • Minimum 10m frontage
  • Minimum 35m depth