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  • We tenant your investment sooner

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You can help people with disabilities access appropriate housing.

There is still a strong demand for SDA throughout Australia with >30 young people per week still entering aged care and over 1380 Australians currently stuck in hospital, waiting to be discharged into SDA. It is projected that by 2030, 52,000 Australians will require Specialist Disability Accommodation.

(Source: Summer Foundation Report Sept 2022. NDIA NDIS Projections, m3property Research)

Minister for the NDIS, Bill Shorten, is committed to fast-tracking people out of hospital and into SDA, recently announcing the appointment of additional NDIS staff in hospitals and giving them authority to make ‘on the spot’ decisions to expedite discharges.

(Source: The Australian, 13 Sept 2022)

Why risk your investment income with a property marketer or investment spruiker?

Don't be caught out by property marketers or investment strategists, who will leave you in the lurch at the crucial stages of NDIS enrolment and tenanting.

SDA Smart Homes is a registered NDIS SDA Provider. We provide a complete end-to-end service to ensure the success of your investment. 

Ensuring compliance & enrolment


As an established NDIS SDA Provider, we have a proven track record of delivering dozens of compliant builds and enroling them with the NDIS.

Shorter vacancy periods


Thanks to our expert team at The Disability Housing Centre, we can tenant your property 40% faster than other SDA Providers.

Property management


Our property manager has extensive experience in property management and the specific intricacies of managing SDA properties.

Peace of Mind


We will support you through the entire process from beginning to end: through purchase, build, tenanting and resale

We provide a complete end to end service.

Property Direct Pty Ltd

Property Direct

 Property Direct is celebrating 25 years in property development.


We are a licenced real estate agent and property manager who will facilitate your property purchase, ongoing property management, and re-sale should you ever wish to sell your investment.

SDA Smart Homes - Registered SDA Provider

SDA Smart Homes

A registered NDIS SDA Provider who has enroled and tenanted over 50 compliant SDA builds.

We offer SDA compliant house and land packages, manage the build process, ensure your property is certified and enrolled with the NDIS, and collect SDA payments as rental income on your behalf. Only a registered SDA Provider can carry out these vital tasks.

The Disability Housing Centre

The Disability Housing Centre

Tenanting SDA properties is a niche skill set that has been mastered by our expert team at The DHC, who have increased our tenancies by 280% in the first 2 quarters of 2022. Based on a recent report, we tenant our properties 40% sooner than the average SDA Provider, which means you start receiving a return on your investment sooner.

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