“Our mission is to be judged the best Property Management company in Australia through delivering awesome service, respect for tenants and unrivaled industry outcomes for our Landlords.” – Donna Beard, Property Manager.

Apartment Specialists Vs General Agents
20 years ago when Property Direct opened its doors in Park Road Milton, the local apartment
market was relatively immature, certainly low priced and a hybrid mix of product such as low spec
6 pack walk ups in the suburbs with emerging high spec large scale apartment buildings coming
online in the Admiralty Precinct after recent sales success in the Kangaroo Point Dockside area.
In short apartment living was the great divide. An exciting and upmarket new lifestyle alternative
in Brisbane’s riverfront precincts at one end of the apartment market and smaller boutique walk-ups
fresh refurbs in and around Brisbane growth areas such as Toowong, New Farm and Coorparoo at the
other end. How times have changed. Fast forward 20 years and looking back from where we started,
the apartment buildings today are reaching for the clouds with ever increasing density,
unprecedented internal specification and facilities few could have foreseen.
Hardly a suburb in Brisbane is not feeling the impact of high density living.

Whether you own an established property, or have recently purchased property ‘off-the-plan’, Property Direct Apartment Living can help you make the most out of your investment.

Why Property Direct Apartment Living? 

  • Our Property Management staff must be a Landlord themselves
  • No tolerance whatsoever for arrears
  • Landlord and tenant 1 hr call back guarantee
  • Leading industry management software
  • Secure 24/7 access to all property and tenant information
  • No tolerance for vacancies or unsuitable tenants –
  • Social media focusing on securing tenants
  • Subscriptions to industry rental websites
  • Achieving the highest prices in the marketplace –
  • Managing properties to the highest standard
  • Thorough property inspections for peace of mind –
  • We value your business


  • A family owned respected property business – 20 years of trouble free operation
  • A 3 x BRW Fast 100 Company
  • UDIA Marketing Award for Excellence
  • Top Queensland 500 Company
  • Team of 20 licensed property professionals at your year round disposal

Established in 1997, Property Direct Apartment Living prides itself on offering a premium service to both its landlord’s and tenants alike. Over the last 20 years, our Brisbane team has sold over 5700 new apartments and managed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of prestige property in and around Brisbane inner city for our local and international investor landlords.

We offer our landlords a competitive management fee of 7.5% + GST. Other fees and changes will also apply such as let fee, postage and petties.

Download the PDAL Landlord CV here

Come for the savings, stay for the service

For more information on how we can assist you with your property management needs, please contact our Property Management Supervisor Donna Beard donna@propertydirect.com.au or call (07) 3360 7222

Benefits of a property manager

When you choose a property manager to manage your investment property, they can act as an intermediary between you and the tenant. This is particularly useful in the event of any problems that arise during the tenancy – your PD Property Manager can help to moderate the situation and prevent any ill feeling over late or unpaid rent and repairs.

PD Property Managers can also help you find the best tenants for your property. Our years of experience in your local area enables us to ask the right questions and ensure all the correct paperwork is properly organised so you are in an excellent position to enjoy a secure tenancy.

We are able to access valuable information about your prospective tenants’ previous rental history and other information to help you make an educated decision.

Professional real estate agents – including your local PD PM team – are also often able to negotiate more attractive rates with tradespeople when work needs to be done.

Agents tend to generally wield a considerable amount of influence over tradespeople due to the sheer volume of work they supply them with. They can therefore be a very useful connection to have when a repair needs to be attended to urgently or after hours.

In addition, you may find that using an agent allows you to qualify for a high-quality landlord protection insurance policy, which may not otherwise be available to private investors.

You will also find that in most circumstances, any management fees that you pay to an agent are tax-deductible.

Legal Points to Consider

As mentioned previously, there are several legal scenarios that can arise from property management.

From the very beginning of a tenancy, your PD Property Manager will ensure the correct processes are carried out to help put you in the best possible position.

The condition reports and lease are likely to be the most important documents in the entire tenancy process. Choosing to use a property manager can ensure all the initial paperwork is prepared correctly.

Your PD Property Manager can also take quick, effective action should any legal issues arise during the rental period.

These can include handling complaints from neighbors, taking the necessary steps to avoid vacant possession if necessary, serving notices if a tenant does not pay rent and a variety of other situations.

As a landlord, you may find that disputes over late rent – or situations where rent has not been paid at all – have the potential become difficult and emotional if you are dealing directly with your tenant. Your PD Property Manager can work to help diffuse these situations and come up with fair, objective compromises and solutions that take the needs of all parties into account.

In the event your property has been damaged and you need to appear before a tribunal, having an experienced agent in your corner can make a world of difference. A property manager can either handle the matter on your behalf or work with you to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Whether you are overseas or based in Australia, you’ll want to make the most out of your real estate investment.

You may have plans to purchase an investment property, or already own a home or apartment to rent out to tenants.

Either way, PD Property Managers can help you maximise your returns – offering a mix of investment and property management to address every possible circumstance on your behalf.