West End

West End is only 3km from Brisbane’s CBD, making it extremely popular with young professionals and couples looking for lifestyle close to the city’s amenities. As with other capital cities, property values close to the CBD have increased dramatically. And that’s certainly the case with West End. West End is an eclectic and dynamic suburb. It was once a working class area, with a number of factories located along the river and Montague Road. As these factories began to shut down the suburb increasingly became home to university students, alternative types and international migrants due to its affordable housing and rents, and its proximity to the CBD.

Centred on Boundary Road, on the southern side of the river, bohemian West End has many ethnic restaurants, some interesting bookshops and multicultural food shops. This new mix of residents has created a community vibe that is unmatched anywhere else in Brisbane.

The West End market is a weekend highlight for locals and visitors alike. Small restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, shops, bars and bakeries have evolved along Boundary Street, and have added to the vibrant high street atmosphere, day and night, over the years.

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