SDA Smart Home investment

Australian Federal Government commits $700m p.a. to funding SDA for next 20 years

Providing HIGH YIELD, investment opportunity for savvy investors looking to make a SOCIAL IMPACT.

 12% NET rental income!*


For the past 3 years, our team has been successfully delivering NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Certified, High Physical Support ‘Smart Homes’ across South East Queensland.

In May 2020, SDA Smarthomes was officially welcomed by the NDIS as a Tier 1, Registered Specialist Disability Accommodation Provider (ID #4050071176).

Now partnering exclusively with ‘The Disability Housing Centre’, we have signed Collaboration Agreements with a multitude of quality SIL Providers (who provide the care in the home) and leases with individual tenants in place for our SDA Smart Homes.

The NDIS backstory

The UN  – The rights of persons with disabilities
The Australian Government was one of the first countries in the world to be a signatory of the ‘UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’. The Federal Government via the NDIS SDA program have committed $700,000,000.00 annually for the next 20 years through directing substantial ‘rental assistance’ to generously compensate ‘SDA investors’ who specifically invest in compliant homes to drastically increase suitable housing supply. Link to UN Charter

What is the NDIS / SDA? :
The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a Federal Act developed in 2013 to allow people with a disability to exercise choice and control about matters that affect them- such as their housing. ‘SDA’  (Specialist Disability Accommodation)  refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions – not readily available in the traditional Australian rental market. As of January 1st, 2019 SDA funding is now rolling out in Queensland.

A massive under supply:
Studies in March 2018 found there is a major shortfall of disability accommodation in Australia, so to meet the demand there needs to be a 60% increase in the number of available homes. Read the full findings here: NDIS SDA housing shortfall 

Currently, there are over 28,000 Australians with a disability that the NDIS has identified as living in inappropriate accommodation. The NDIS SDA funding is to encourage property investors and institutions to build more disabled centric homes. Sadly there are also 6,000+ young Australian’s who are currently living in aged care facilities due to a lack of housing options and this number is increasing by 50 young Australians a week. SBS video: Young People with Disabilities Trapped in Aged Care. 

SDA National Conference. Ministers speech.
Minister Fletcher speech in Parliament 

SDA SMARTHOMES:   ‘High Physical Support’ certified.
Thanks to generous NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation funding, our High Physical Support ‘Platinum 221′ 3 bedroom + carer home can achieve yields up to 14.2% gross and approx 12% NET* depending on the price of the land. Total package prices vary from approx. $950,000 to $1,200,000 as a guide, to receive gross annual income of approx. $131,500 pa. This comprises of funding from the NDIS for each of your 3 x NDIS SDA funded residents (exact NDIS payment varies region to region and level of funding available to each individual) and $181 p.w from each participants’ disability pension (RRC). The annual income of $131,500 pa quoted is specifically from the NDIS income calculator May 2021.

SDA SMART HOMES are executed via a standard house and land contract with stamp duty only payable on the land component saving you over $18,000.00 in initial costs.  Land is selected in partnership with the NDIS sector and our owners. In short the Federal Government has created the SDA funding model to attract new property investors into this worthy sector.

Should you chose to proceed, your SDA investment home when built could take three young Australians out of inappropriate aged care and place them in a far more appropriate new home along with housing there Carer. Such a worthy cause enhanced by the knowledge that over the next 2 decades of ownership, the SDA Commonwealth funding model could pay you around $2,000,000.00 to provide this specialist disability housing opportunity.  That’s the transaction summary in a nutshell.

The Australian property industry and media are largely silent or ignorant to the NDIS SDA opportunity however we are not alone in identifying the SDA funding incentive as an attractive long term opportunity.  The one difference with SDA SMART HOMES however is that you own the home and receive the attractive SDA income via our NDIS Home provider partnership– not the institutions.  Refer attached Financial Review article and link here: Group kickstarts $1b for homes with disabilities 22.02.19


*12%pa Net yields based on a ‘Platinum 221’ SDA Smart Home purchase price $926,200 turnkey in Brisbane North with 2 x High Physical Support + 1 Fully Accessible funded SDA tenants.

$300,000+ FREE equity & $100,000 + p.a. income required.

Note: Yields & returns may vary slightly depending on the location of the home and the funding level of the tenants. While all care has been taken to provide accurate figures, we do not guarantee the outcome and recommend you seek independent financial advice. All information is correct at the time of publication but subject to change without notice.

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