A message from one of our valued landlords:

I have over the past 5 years searched for the right property manager to look after my luxury CBD property and FINALLY can say I have found that perfect property manager.

Not sure if it is because Joanne is a landlord herself, but she certainly understands the responsibility, care and communication I need to sleep well at night. Past Property Management business’s I have used lack passion, knowledge and demonstrated very poor communication skills.

Joanne and her team go above and beyond what I would expect is the industry norm and accordingly I have no hesitation in endorsing and recommending the property management services at Property Direct.


Gordonmilt is a property development company that is currently developing 25 units in the Milton area. I was introduced to Jo Prince Gillies approximately 12 months ago from a fellow property developer/builder with the intention of marketing our latest project. Jo has provided a very high and professional level of service in a multitude of areas. To name a few, Jo works closely with the design team inputting valuable information that is particular to the site and the end buyer. During the construction phase Jo is in constant contact with the site on a regular basis ensuring the design/build will be met by the market favorably. When it comes to marketing the end product Jo has put herself into the project throughout, giving her a strong advantage when finding the buyer best suited. Jo is honest and has integrity. It is a pleasure to work alongside someone who is dedicated from concept all the way to handing over the keys to the buyer at settlement. Jo is fully dedicated to the success of the project. I  have no hesitation in recommending Jo for all or part of your next project. Kind Regards, Ricky Fehervary

To whom it may concern I have been dealing with jo Price ‎Gillies Senior Team leader at CBPD  for the past 12 months on the development of my most recent project, Serendipity, a $20 million, 40 apartment project in Mt Gravatt. Jo would have to be one of the most proactive and highly professional “of the plan” sales people I have ever had the pleasure dealing with. ‎Some of Jo’s main strengths are her ability to build report with buyers quickly and have them engage in the project and then close the sale. Jo works very closely with her buyers at all times and manages the sales process including developer updates through to unconditional ‎with complete efficiency and professionalism. Being highly likable is also a  real strength and coupled with her passion for residential property and high customer service skills, Jo sits well and truly at the top of the pile when it come to highly competent project sales consultants in the Brisbane market. I will be using Jo on my next project and can honestly recommend her services to all serious developers who are results driven and strive for customer satisfaction. Regards Managing Director Rod Brown Dip Eng B Town Planning Chase Commercial 0413 879 079 rod@chasecommercial.com.au

19-12-2015 Ljiljana-Michael-Monique and Belinda-Sellers-10-Workington Street, Alexandra Hills

16-12-2015 Mellissa & Ian Buyers-10-Worrkington-St-Alexandra-Hills.

10-10-2015 137 Raeburn Street, Manly West, Pam & Alan Happy Vendors

02-10-15 Raeburn 137 Buyers Deb & Arthur Ryan

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18-11-2013 Some of my Delighted Sellers and Buyers

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12-08-2015-  12 Thomas Street, Birkdale-Bernice-Geoff-Mills- Happy Vendors

10-07-2015 Justin-and Courtney-Buyers-of-170-Randall Road, Wynnum West

4th September 2011 Julie & Ron Excited Buyers of 82 Boxgrove Ave, Wynnum

07-02-2009  10 Camille Cresent, Wynnum West

07-02-2008  33 Hannam Street, Wynnum

11-10-2007  7 Whatmore Place, MANLY WEST

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21-02-2007  35 Sweetapple Place, Manly West