Property Direct Pty Ltd – Property Direct- is a 3 time BRW Awarded property business that commenced in 1997 in Brisbane and has almost exclusively focused on delivering new residential projects for local consumption. Our widely respected and awarded company has brought
to the market a wide variety of residential projects and sold more than 6,000 new apartments and townhomes, 90% of which have been to local buyers.

As Brisbane property buyers needs and preferences have changed, so have we. These trends have buyers looking outwards from the small apartments in the CBD, to the suburbs where homes are larger and designed for owner occupiers. This can be clearly seen in our ‘past and current project lists’- projects have become more boutique, and are located further away from the CBD.

This trend has also been recognised by the Queensland Government in the latest draft of the SE QLD regional plan stating that “SEQ will take a responsible and sustainable approach to supporting a growing regional population, which could reach six million by the 2040’s and more than double from 3.4 million over the next 50 years.”

We encourage you to experience the difference with Property Direct and look forward to providing you with a fast and effective sell down. Our commitment to servicing our clients and customers is second to none.

Through Australian Property Tours and My First Home Brisbane
we look forward to bringing innovative ways to sell down residential projects
in 2018 and into the future.